Two wows in one summer in Europa

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I am invited to two weddings (one in Italy and one in Belgium) this summer and apropos of these fascinating events I had some interesting thoughts what I would like to share with you

What to wear or get ready to look your best!

Whenever I open my wedding album I am still satisfied with my gown my then choise. I wore a white gown with blue flowers patterned leaves. I loved my dress very much not because I looked good in it but I think it reflected my personality.

I was very young (19 years young) in that time but I had already been aware of the fact that is really important what you wear in a big event, even if you are not the bride just a relative or guest because what will remain of the special occasion? The photographs. And you will eventually rely on them to remember the event, the people, how did they look like and later you share it with your family, friends, your children and as the years pass with the grandchildren. And people will judge you according to what they see.

In my opinion the best dress should celebrate your individual beauty, your stature, your style. And now don’t grunt out saying that there is no dress for you (because of this and that) there is a dress for every figure but the only way to find the one for yours is trying on lots and lots of different sytles. And don’t be afraid of the experiment. I followed this rule.

I did my wedding dress search with my mom. I had prepared her well in advance that I wanted a bohemian wedding dress or Midsummer night style fairy gown, like Titania’s in Shakespeare’s famous comedy but nothing traditional. “Don’t worry! –answered my mom because she had always loved shopping (so had I, running in family) but we were not prepared for that much fuss what we would go through.  Two weeks before my wedding day we were really looking forward to the day when we would hit my hometown, Budapest and would start our shopping maze. And the day sat in. When in some hours later we had already checked all wedding departments, stores and by the way my mom started to develop a hatred toward shopping but when I was about trying on the dress number 52, we both knew that that was the right dress for me. Just as I knew about the guy I wanted to marry. I looked at myself in the mirror like Charlotte in the Sex and city and it hit me. I was a bride. Everything was perfect, the silhouette, the proportion of my body and of dress. My mom heaved a sigh of relief and was ready to pay but I stopped her with an exclaimation “but mom what about my head tiara?” She sunk in herself and was close to give up. She had just realized that I did not belong to those brides who dreamed of walking down the aisle wearing a headpiece or veil. I wanted something extravagant that defines my personality with panache and just a hint of coquetry. But when I told her about my ideas such as –„only a flower wreath would do the job for me”- because it is more unconventional, and little more surprising than the typical headpieces and veils, she started to itemize many dramatic, romantic, whimsical, or traditional veils what she had seen in wedding magazins, hats such as the Duchess of Windsor wore, blue straw halo-style hat trimmed with pink and blue coq feathers, or Rita Hayworth’s enormous cartwheel, and Grace Kelly’s a Juliet cap that matched the lace of her gown. But I was a rebel and stubborn, I told her I’d rather had a Dutch bonnet or a mob cap than a ridiculous veil. -“Yes sure with the clogs!”-quirked my mom with a sarcasm.

But I really meant that. I saw in a previous shop a Dutch bonnet with the same pattern and colour such as my dress. Unfortunatelly my mom was exhausted and she didn’t feel like going back to that certain shop so finally I had to give up. And guess what I wore? A veil with white flower tiara!!! Uhh I try to forget it…but in spite of this little mishap my wedding was an incredible experience, my only regret was that (not only the bridal veil) I loved my wedding dress very much so I wanted to wear it again and again. Since my wedding many years had passed but my husband and I have been several times bride and groom in Halloween-carnival time. And I am happy because I have two daugthers and when it will be their turns I hope they can get as much enjoyment as I did from this very special dress.

Everyone loves a party-the coctail hour

The key to a perfect wedding is sharing the experience with those who close to you. Many couples today are choosing to keep their weddings small and personal. But that doesn’t mean newlyweds have lost their will to party. To satisfy both impulses, some couples opt for a quiet wedding followed by a large reception closer to their home. So that will be the case of the couple, (our friends) whose wedding will be held in Belgium on 24 of September. They will get married near Brussels before 30 guests, then later 150 people are invited to their garden party’s. I am really looking forward to the feast because they are strict vegetarians. I hope their vendor knows the guests tastes.

However my younger brother’s wedding, who is going to tie the knot in Italy (on 29th of August in Positano, Amalfi island) will be a formal traditional wedding, with the wow in the little, picturesque church of Positano followed by the dinner but he will hold a post-wedding bash in Hungary, for guests from both families. We are excited because when you have a separate party it trends to less formal.


5 thoughts on “Two wows in one summer in Europa

    Naz Kovacs said:
    August 17, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    Oh I LOVE weddings! I agree with you about choosing a dress that suits you and your personality. Me, I was the opposite of most people who try on many dresses before they decide, I knew what I wanted straight away and had my dress made for me. In fact I had seen the dress many years prior to my wedding on a tv show and it had stuck in my mind all those years! So when it came to my own wedding I knew what I wanted 🙂 Also as fate would have it the first wedding magazine I picked up to look at dresses in, the 2nd page had the dress I was after (not the same as the one from the tv, but very very similar and what I wanted!) I went to the shop that had it, tried it on and decided to have one made for me, and was lucky to find a great lady who made my dress. Unfortunately now it sits in my parents cupboard back home in Australia! Congratulations on your brother getting married as well! Is he getting married to an Italian? Btw how old are your daughters? Enjoy the festivities!

      spajzgirl responded:
      August 17, 2011 at 3:16 pm

      Hi hello Naz, happy to get some news of you!!! I love weddings too and I have to admit the best have been so far in Belgium!!! So that I am really looking forward to that one..the vegetarian wedding..
      No my brother is going to marry a Japanese girl age 22..her name is Shizuka means the quiet..she is very nice and quiet we met in May first..but she is coming with her family to Europa and no reason why did they choose Italy! Actually it is not really convenient to anyone while my mom lives in Budapest with my other brother and my sis lives also in Buda and me here in Germany and my little bro works in Tokyo (the marrying one) so .
      I will take lots of pics and will share all deatails
      but you were really beautiful in your gown and your hair I liked it very much..
      CU in the cyber world again
      like your blogs……

    Naz Kovacs said:
    August 18, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    I’ve never been to an all vegetarian wedding, should be interesting! I wonder what kinds of food they will serve. Oh lovely, are they going to combine some Hungarian and Japanese traditions?

    Thanks 🙂 Yes c u in the cyber world 🙂 and looking forward to the photos of the weddings!

      spajzgirl responded:
      August 19, 2011 at 7:51 am

      Me either that will be the first! I am sure they will hire some caterer to do the job..but looking forward to it..

      I hope my brother and his future wife will bring their kimonos! Because the husband and wife have to dress in kimono..and the woman will wear a red one and the husband a blue one..

      Where was your wedding? Have you ever been in Hungary? Was it a theme wedding?Tell me please!

      I am busy with writing a blog over my Indian friend who has just given birth to her first child last week and I took her home and was invited to the “greeting the new mother and baby ceremony”…I took photos and we were offered some sweets to eat it was like a mass, their house was decorated with flowers, each single room etc…
      I’ll be back till heaps of happy faces!

    Naz Kovacs said:
    August 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    No I haven’t been to Hungary yet, I would love to go! Hopefully I can travel there with my husband soon 🙂 We didn’t have a theme wedding as such, just the usual stuff everyone does, except we had 2 ceremonies, so in the morning we had a traditional Persian ceremony at my parent’s house (it is customary to have it at the girl’s house) and then after that we had a ceremony in the Hungarian church. We also had a Hungarian man playing some Hungarian music with the violin at the church and we had some persian music at the reception 🙂

    Oh wow sounds lovely 🙂 did they serve Indian sweets?


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