Candy in the salon

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In Hungary there are not many special Christmas traditions comparing for example to Germans or I can put it another way: our Christmas customs were very much influenced by the German’s so that for the time being we can’t disentangle that who took over them from whom. However I think there is one Hungarian ornament what is traditionally associated with Christmas and it is the salon candy or “salon sugar” literally: the “parlour candy”, a type of sweets. The candy is usually made of fondant, covered by chocolate and wrapped in shiny colored foil, then hung on the Christmas tree as decoration. The tradition started in the 19th century and it got the name szaloncukor because the tree usually stood in the parlour (szalon in Hungarian, and cukor means “sugar” or “candy”) but it is also possible that the name derives from the German-Austrian Salonzuckerl, and -here we are again-this is why the name became szalon zukkedli.

Fondant candies in the 19th century came in only a few flavors (vanilla and strawberry for example), but nowadays there is a wide variety of different kinds of candies, including jelly, coconut, hazelnut, chestnut, marzipan and so on filling covered by bitter or milk chocolate fondant. It is usually hung on the tree with small metal hooks.


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