Underground graffiti at Lake Starnberg

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Since I live only a stone-throwing distance from Lake Starnberg (Bavaria, Germany) there is no week passing without visiting the lake by bike or by car. And I go not only for sunbathing or just to admire the marvelous view to the Alps but also because there is always something going on in the city. For example last week I attended in a Renaissance festival. After enjoying  the fair and relishing the delicious pork chop, I took a walk around the lake to the Votive chapel. The so-called Berg is famous as the site where King Ludwig II. of Bavaria was found dead in the lake in 1886 (The lake is also known as Royal Lake). Around 5 pm it was time to go home, so we jumped onto our bicycles. Our road drove on two underpasses, where I discovered interesting graffitis. I couldn’t resist not taking pictures from them….

The city of Starnberg serves as capital of the district of Starnberg. Recording a disposable per-capita income of € 26,120 in 2007, Starnberg regained its status as the wealthiest town in Germany.


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