Christmas ornaments in August and a Japanese dinner

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With a month before, when my Japanese sister-in-law informed me about her coming to Münich, I had already started making plans. Thousand ideas flashed through my brain where we should go to and what were we going to do. I compiled some programs roughly and I sent it to her by mail because I wanted to be sure that if it would liven up her expectations.

She responded next day saying that she was ready for everything what I’d suggested, and she also expressed that it would be her pleasure if I took the lead along in Bavaria, but added it into the footnote, that her sole wish, that she wants to buy Christmas ornaments somewhere in Bavaria.

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Xmas decorations in August? Where on earth I could find them. That was a challenge! Then suddenly it crossed my mind that when I was in Neuschweinstein in June, I saw a shop loaded with tones of Christmas ornaments. For that matter it was among my plan, that we would devote a day to viewing of Ludwig’s Bavarian castles, so we might join the pleasure with the useful. And it happened so. After we “completed our mission”, visited the fairy castle, we found the Xmas shop at the foot of the hill. I was gob smacked. All decorations were rich in fantasy, mouth-blown and hand painted, believe me they were able to fulfill any customer’s desires. From the legendary Green Pickle to Hans and Gretl and other characters from the brother Grimm’s tales. And besides among the special ornaments they were of course the typical symbols of Bavaria, the pretzel, the Edelweiss-(alpine cudweed), beer mug, king Ludwig, Sisi and her Franz Joseph all made of glass (see the slide show) Shizuka spent almost one hour with browsing and finally she bought angels, animal ornaments etc.. I was also not able to resist to the temptation and I bought a white frog with an ermine and the well-known fictional character the Pinocchio (see the slide show).

Japanese dinner by Shizuka

Last evening of Shizuka’s staying she offered us to prepare a Japanese dinner. We welcomed her proposal enthusiastically with one condition, we would buy the ingredients and she would do the cooking. She agreed. Around 5 pm she started to prepare the three courses menu, the gyoza, the umen soup, and the dumpling with vegetable filling.

If I had known that she would be slaving away through 2 hours in the kitchen, while she insisted to make the dumplings as well, I would rather said no and ‘d went onto the lake Starnberg to take a bath and after that we would have had supper in a beer garden. But everything turned out distinctively, except that I was sorry for her, how much effort she had made after an exhausting day.

I can not express how much we enjoyed Shizuka’s delicious dishes. Let it be enough to say that two foods tasted especially good: her mum’s soup recipe and the green tea and black sesame seed ice-creams.


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