Day: February 1, 2013

Cook yourself thin

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Buy Cook Yourself ThinI received the Cook Yourself Thin cook book for Xmas. When I browsed it in I realised that why I asked for it: for the skinny meals what I can make in minutes. And moreover because the book authors offered a healthy, delicious way to drop a dress size without all the gimmicks.

I think for some of us, losing weight has always been a struggle. The challenge: figuring out how to cook healthy, low-fat foods that won’t leave us hungry, bored, or running for a gallon of ice cream! What I like in the Cook Yourself Thin that it shows how to cut calories, change diets, and improve health without sacrificing the foods we love.

Cook yourself thin 016On Monday I gave a try to a Vanilla cupcake with lemon frosting, (the latter was really good of the cupcake I am not sure) and I also prepared the Healthy sweet potato skins and the Buffalo chicken with Romanesco salad and was satisfied with all of them because what I’ve experienced that the Cook yourself thin is not a fad diet. It gives skinny alternatives to our cravings on the way that the dishes remain very delicious and enjoyable. If you can’t live without chocolate cake or Mac ‘n’ cheese you don’t have to because you can find many excellent “cut the calories to half” recipes version of the original ones (for instance: Deep Dark Chocolate Cake)!

The Cook Yourself Thin keeps it simple─with easy instructions and fun recipes you’ll want to make them again and again.

So what are you waiting for? Cook Yourself Thin!

The three ladies of “Cook Yourself Thin,” namely: Candice Kumai, Harry Eastwood and Allison Fishman have also a new Lifetime reality show, offer 80 easy, accessible recipes that teaches us how to cut calories without compromising taste.