Chocolate: never enough!

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Sending mail just got delicious because Belgium’s postal service has introduced stamps that taste like chocolate!

More than 500,000 stamps are being printed on special paper with a cocoa-scented varnish and glue that tastes like chocolate.

The stamps come in five limited editions, showcasing images of chocolate in various forms: sprinkles, chocolate, Nutella, rough pieces and chocolate bars.

“I think it’s the first time in Belgium they issue it with taste, chocolate taste. Pure Belgium,”- said Olana, a Dutch tourist visiting Brussels.

“I did not find that they tasted of much, less than the French stamps from 2009. But they smelled good!”

Belgian stamps collector Marie-Claire Verstichel added:

“The idea came because we did already stamps with flavor a couple of years ago and we had a lot of success.

“And this year we wanted to promote the chocolate and we used the system again and we have now, instead of having only the flavor, we have also the taste” -said Pierre Leempoel, manager of stamps production in Belgium.

Traditional postal mail may soon be a thing of the past. In the U.S., the national postal service just decided to cut Saturday delivery beginning in August. However, the Belgian post office is hoping to stay the trend with the new stamps.


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