Creamy courgette plate with Hungarian “hamburger”

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termoplazma 006This is an excellent Hungarian dish. Easy to make and it tastes divine!

Ingredients for the courgette dish:

2 medium sized courgettes, grated /peeled on unpeeled (both are possible)

1 onion finelly chopped

1 teaspoon of dill

200 ml or 100 ml cream/100 ml milk or 100 ml sour cream

salt, pepper, paprika powder

1 tbsp of cornstarch or flour

2 tbsp butter or oil to fry


1. Wash and clean courgettes, peel or leave the skin on them. Grate them. Salt and pepper to taste. Chop onion.

2. Heat oil or butter in a saucepan and add chopped onion and grated courgettes. Cook for three minutes then add flour, stir it in and pour over a bit of water or milk.

3. Bestew courgette with the dill and paprika powder. Cook further about five more minutes.

4. Add sour cream or cream to courgettes .

5. Salt and pepper to taste, if necessary.

Ingredients for the Hungarian hamburgers:

300 gr minced meat (pork and beef mixture)

half of an onion chopped

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 egg

a dry or toasted two slices of bread soaked in water

1 tbsp of semi-sharp mustard

bread crumbs for frying


1. Chop onion and fry it in a little oil.

2. In a large bowl, mix together the ground beef/pork meat, mustard, salt, pepper, garlic, and fried onion and egg.

3. Soak bread until  it is absorbed. Squeeze water from bread then add to minced meat.

4. Mix everything together using your hands. Shape the mixture into 10 hamburger patties.

5. Coat hamburgers in the bread crumbs. Heat oil or fritture and fry each hamburgers for 5 minutes per side, or until well done.

6. Serve with the courgette dish.

termoplazma 005

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