Duck with red cabbage flavoured with cinnamon

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100 kms third time 015The unique in this recipe is the cabbage, flavoured with cinnamon.

Ingredients: for each persons one duck thigh


For the braised cabbage:
1.5 kg blue cabbage
2 tbs of salt
5 tbs of duck fat
juice of one orange
1 apple
1 teaspoon of carraway seed
1 teaspoon of pepper
1 teaspoon clove
1 tbs of cinnamon
3 tbs of wine vinegars
1 dl red wine
2 tbs of sugar
1 cube of bouillon
1 red onion

100 kms third time 016Directions:

One day ahead of cooking bestrew the properly cleaned duck thighs with salt. Place them in a baking tin and cover with tinfoil. Keep them in the fridge overnight. Next day place the ducks in a preheated oven without adding any water or fat because they will release liquid due to the salt so that the duck will be cooked in its own fat. In half time of the cooking time turn the thighs on the other sides and pour over some liquid from its own fat. In the last phase of cooking get rid of the foil and cook the duck thighs until crispy.
Meanwhile cut the blue cabbage fine, add two tablespoons of salt to it, and let it stay until cabbage release some liquid. “Borrow” 5 tablespoons of the duck fat, heat it in a pan and soaté the chopped onion in this fat. Add some salt then throw the squizeed cabbage to the pan. Add the finelly cut apple and pour over the red wine (if it necessary pour over some water). Flavour with pepper, clove and cinnamon. Soaté until cabbage collapse. Add orange juice, wine vinegar, sugar and bouillon to cabbage. Stir it constantly. When cabbage is tender add some more salt (if necessary). Serve the crackling duck thighs alongside with the blue cabbage and dumpling.


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