Fresh Crab Pappardelle with Red Peppers, Chilli and Wine

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Zilllion thanks for the recipe! I made it yesterday and it tasted really good!
Best rgds

Homemade With Mess

So, I’ve been hampering on to Sam that I need to broaden my cooking range and experience by cooking more adventurous foods that I have never cooked before. I tend to just play it safe when I go shopping and buy the meat and fish that are on offer, or the best deals from the local markets; but this often means that I am cooking the same meat again and again.  After I had mentioned this to Sam he took a trip to the local fish mongers and I came home to an alive surprise in the fridge, in the form of this lovely snappy crab (as a mark of respect I am going to call him Colin!). I’m not going to lie, it took me ten minutes to even get Colin out the fridge, as every time he moved I screamed and had to start again. It then took…

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