Where’s my damn schnitzel?

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While I have found many delicious foods and brews in my short time in CO, according to this map I should be enjoying a lot more spaetzle and black forest ham than I’ve had so far.


Mmmmm. Now bring me your darkest beer, the color of sadness and regret, to drink it with. Though Denver does lay host to a goddamn love note to Belgium beer in the form of The Cheeky Monk, it’s light on the Germanic. But the Monk, down on Colfax and in two other places in CO, has a vast selection of high alcohol, high price, fast drunkening brews like Kasteel, Gulden Drak and the black-out-inducing Delirium Tremens. This place makes me smile as it slowly bankrupts me.

And because when you find a pun this bad you need to share it:


It’s OK to love how awesome this is.

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