St Martin’s day in Martinsried

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Today we celebrated St Martin’s day since our village was named by St Martin (Martinsried, München Germany). The participated families build some lanterns for the run-up to November 11 well in advance. We gathered in the forest of Martinsried at 4 p.m. Then the lantern procession (Martinsumzüge or Laternenumzüge) started off. Our major hired an actor impersonating the Saint, he (actually was she) was dressed up as a Roman soldier riding on a horse.

It was amazing to see the happy faces of the children from one of our local school and kindergarten. At the end of the procession in the front of the university building we lit a large bonfire to sing songs dedicated to St. Martin, and then we ate some sweet pastries and drunk mulled wine (Glühwein).

By the way many German restaurants celebrated St. Martin’s Day as well with a festive meal where roasted goose or duck (Martinsgans) was traditionally served as the main course.

So happy St Martin to all!st martin 056

st martin 064st martin 058st martin 067st martin 049


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