Christmas tree from choco and almond

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virágok 004Fenyő 012Ingredients:

40 ml water
150 gr sugar
400 gr almond
300 gr choco fondant

to decorate: with powdered sugar


1. Draw into a parchment paper 6-8  or more different sized hexagram stars. These will be our plan-samples.
2. Melt the sugar in 40 ml water. When the sugar is dissolved, add the almonds and caramelize them until its colour changes into golden brown. Get down and put aside.
3. Melt the chocolate in the microvawe or in a bowl under boiling water.
4. Pour over melted chocolate to almond mixture and ellaborate.
5. Spoon the choco-almond cream into the hexagram samples. Let it stiffen for an hour or so in cold place. When the chocolate stars are solid, place the different sized layers on each other with some melted chocolate.
6. Sprinkle the trees with a help of a strainer with powdered sugar and our beautiful Xmas trees are ready.


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