Vinessio-wine and delicatesse fair in Starnberg

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The Vinessio is a wine and delicatesse fair, which has already been organized the 8th times this year in Starnberg (Near Münich, Germany at lake Starnberg). The exhibitors of this international wine industry related event will gain an ideal platform to have a face to face interaction and communication with the participants like wine lovers and enthusiasts, wine makers wine producers and wine tasters as well as leading experts related to wine industry.


By participating in this show, these industry professionals can share their knowledge and experience with each other and can discuss about the current scenario associated with wine industry. Vinessio will make the wine lovers and enthusiasts familiar with various kinds of wines, spirits, sparkling wine, champagne, and Delicatessen such as oils & vinegars, saussages, hams, bacons and cheeses, coffee and roasting products.

When I was there, around 2pm I was a bit disappointed in the poor turnout!

Vinessio 039Vinessio 055Vinessio 028


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