Foccaccia with pecorino cheese and with shredded courgette

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Focaccia-courgetteThe courgettes have a delicate flavor and require little more than quick cooking with butter or olive oil, with or without fresh herbs. Quick cooking of barely wet zucchini in oil or butter allows the fruit to partially boil and steam, with the juices concentrated in the final moments of frying when the water has gone, prior to serving. Zucchini can also be eaten raw, sliced or shredded in a cold salad, as well as lightly cooked in hot salads, as in Thai or Vietnamese recipes. Mature zucchini are well suited for cooking in breads.


1 foccaccia bread with sesame seeds
30 g pecorino cheese
1/2 courgette
1 tbsp of good extra virgin olive oil
tomato pesto to smear the bread

Method: Shred the pecorino cheese and peel (or left the skin in place) the courgette. Shred it into fine slices. Cut the foccaccia bread in two and smear both sizes with the tomato pesto. Sprinkle with olive oil. Fill the bread with the courgette slices and flavor with the shredded pecorino cheese. Decorate with mint leaves.

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