The Cooks ball in Münich at Chinese tower, be there on time!

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Kocherl ball 002The Kocherlball, a.k.a. the Cooks Ball, takes place in Münich-München every year on the third Sunday in July. The location is the Chinese Tower in the English Garden. This is a mix of carnival, party, and traditional costume ball. Over 10,000 usually attend for dancing, drinking, and celebrating. The party starts very early though. 5 am or even earlier! This is the tradition – the servants from times of old had to celebrate before being due in at work. The next dates is 20 of July 2014! Don’t miss it!

The dates are liable to change according to the weather. The Kocherlball tradition goes back to the year 1880. It is also known as the “Dotschen or Kocherlball”. Up to a police prohibition 1904 met here in good weather on Sunday from five to eight o’clock to the 5000 the soldiers, housemaids, cooks, hausdiener and house personnel to the dance. So early, because one had to appear timely again to the work with the rule. These old residents of Munich tradition revives today again. Thousands meet for dancing, celebrating or lunchtime drinking. In the past, the ball was only for the servants and the kitchen staff. That is why the ball is called the Kocherlball (“Koch” is German for cook). The official part of the ball starts at 10 o’clock sharp. But usually, people will go on celebrating. If you want to have a good view over the dance floor, you should be early at the Chinese tower in order to get hold of a good seat. 5 o’clock can already be too late. The Kocherlball is only put off when the weather is very bad! So CU there after 2morrow!Kocherl ball 012Kocherl ball 085Kocherl ball 005



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