The Mad hatter ice cream maker in Münich

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István király 003Last week I finally managed to visit the Crazy Ice Cream (Der Verrückte eismacher) maker‘s in Münich, Germany (you can find it at the University area in Amalien street). I’ve already heard about so much that it was really time to test. When I entered with some friends by coincidence we bumped into the busy owner Matthias Münz who immediately greeted us super enthusiasticly and smiley. Then he disappeared behind a hidden door just like in a fairy tale. Looking around I realized that that the shop has all the characteristics of a story from Alice in Wonderland. Mushrooms for tables and a Mad Hatter everywhere. István király 010The Verrückte Eismacher original concept with original tastes  as I have learned those facts later on from the very original owner Matthias Münz who explained that he wanted a job where he could always wear his top hat and his previous employer didn’t like it so he created this job. Then he disappeared again with his roller skate on his foot. So to return to the ice cream parlour as I have already described it was like with no detail left untouched from the Alice in Wonderland’s, it may overload your senses (but in the best way possible) but to sit inside you feel that as you would had dropped into the middle of the tale. Now let’s talk about the ice creams: the super friendly and bubbly waitress asked us what kind of ice cream we would like to lick. She was quite patient with me and my three friends while we were choosing our flavors. I chose two scoops of “safe” flavors, one Oreo cookies and the other one the Rocher, one of my friends was daring enough to try a bit of Kaesespaetzle (cheese) flavor (and of course I had to try a bit of hers). Yep, just as I suspected, it tasted just like it. Not my cup of tea though, but I think the novelty of it was pretty cool. According to my Italian friend, it was mind blowing that ice cream Mathias makes tastes exactly like what it’s claimed to taste like. For example, he chose the lasagna ice cream and he told me it was exactly like lasagna, just the texture and temperature were different, and so on. 1009149_679001958783257_1829725097_oNext day I returned to the parlour with my husband and his favorites were the Augustiner Beer ice cream and the lemon. Specially the first one was excellent-he told me because- it was refreshing and definitely had a taste of beer such did the lemon ice cream which also livened up his expectation because it was not to sweet but also not too sour. Along unusual but more expected flavors like Mozart-Kugeln ice cream we found also flavors such as Rose Champagne, strawberry with basil, Cheeseburger ice cream. Believe me they are worth at least trying with the free extra spoonful you’re offered and some of them I’ve liked them much more than I thought I would. But after all at that time I insisted to try some more conventional flavors like one ball of strawberry with basil and one with pistachio. They were both tasty. But what we didn’t dare to try was the meat flavored ice cream (the shop really lives up to its name don’t you think?). Because of course if you’re not a fan of over-the-top things then perhaps the crazy ice cream maker is not the ice cream shop for you. I, however, applaud this man’s vision to give an absolutely weird experience you won’t forget. 1898800_857766844240100_1435243731_oAs we were leaving, Matthias exploded from the back office wearing his signature top hat, yellow shirt pink jacket and leopard schoes. I asked him if I might have taken a picture of him and he posed me gladly. It made me so happy to see someone so excited about his business. I also loved the fact that in spite of his sudden success he didn’t charge that much money (one scoop costs €1.50)- than an other trendy ice cream joint in Munich the Balla Beni (currently holds that title). And also in many ways such as novelty value and decor this place scored high marks. All in all the crazy ice cream maker is a super awesome and unique place and the prices are really reasonable, if not low. Overall, if you’re in Munich, you should definitely visit this place!841039_615953455088108_1413440676_o


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