October fest in Münich in 2014

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P1000426Munich’s largest and most traditional festival, the October fest has come to the end on 6th of October. There were traditional beers (teetotallers did’t need to worry: sodas and water were also available), people could dive in the traditional Bavarian food such as pretzels (with a diameter of 15 inches) Scnitzels from pork and beef, saussages etc. They could enjoy to listen to live brass bands playing traditional Bavarian music as well as more up-to-date music, and had fun with hundreds of other people from all over the world, dancing and singing the hours away.

The balance of the 181st Oktoberfest in 2014 was: 6,3 millions visitors, 6,5 millions mass beers. According to the police there were less reported crime acts than the previous year – nevertheless, there were some absurd cases. Mr Dieter Reiter, the new mere of Münich about evaluating the Wiesn said that: “It is a bad habit of the October fest that the big binge had to be finished urgently. -Heaping up one litre beer in 1 minute, it nuts don’t you think? -he joked on the last day of the closing ceremony of the fest. According to Mr Reiter and the organizer of the Wiesn-Chef Josef Schmid the October fest in 2014 was an exciting but calm, with non-stop celebrating of the hops and the beer with an extremely buzy second weekend”. In numbers: there were estimated 6,3 millions guests, 6,5 millions Mass (jars of) beers were drunken, 112 oxens were eaten up, plus 48 calves, and 112 000 jars were stolen.

Some details of the event

The metro station at Theresien wiese, near the October fest had to be closed down for 150 times, because of the huge traffic jam. Approximately 3,7 million additional foot gangers passed through there on the last Saturday. Just alone the last long weekend the station was closed 22 times. Moreover the Deutsche Bahn (metro) counted 100 000 extra passengers per day in the course of the 16 days maze and had to provide of 500 additional trains.

Until Sunday morning 3646 lost objects were delivered to the lost objects station. Among those 900 ID, 530 purse, 330 cell-phones, 31 photo cameras, 4 tickets of FC Bayern against Hannover, two wedding rings, one cat transporting box. As Josef Schmid’d observed the visitors were more alerted this year meant that less wallets and money were stolen than in the previous year.

“Breath taking singers ensured the good atmosphere such as Helene Fischer, whose song is the Breath-taking night was big hit. On the second place there was a tie because Andreas Bourani and Hubert von Goiserns, the latter with the funny song “Brenna tuats guat” in strong Bavarian accent-were equaly hilarious”-said Mr Schmid on Sunday with veiled voice.” Na ja! Everything was breath-taking, except the weather.P1000429dirndli 024

More than 2000, mostly volunteer from the Red Cross were in charge until Sunday and took care of 7914 patients (last year 7324) but only 3603 required doctor’s help (in 2013: 3536).

681 people were treated for “intoxication”, all due to too much alcohol consumption- but there were also cases of so called “mixed poisoning” (there were more than last year: 638). The first alcohol toxication was reported in the 125th minutes (next after the tapping of the first barrel which is a tradition of the October fest) and the first patient was taken immediatelly to the Wiesn paramedical station. In the previous year the same story happened already before the official grand opening of the festival. To sum up the October fest, the good news was that the number of intoxicated teens (under aged from 16) had decreased half of it compared to last year.

The police also lit a bonfire because of the less offenses on the biggest folk fest of the world. However 720 people were arrested which were 39 less than last year. Though there were some resistance; thereupon 13 officer were injured- ” from bite injuries to violations”,- told us the police representative, Wolfgang Wenger.

I can’t resist to tell you two funny cases of the Wiesn-operations: the first On the last weekend the police had to interfering in one quarrel at a Fish and bread stall about an arbitration. The client, appearantly by mistake, got a Deko-plastic sandwich instead of a real sandwich and therefore he became terribly upset.

The other case happened on the last Friday evening of the Fest at late night: a 44-years old man who participated on the Monster Ghoast train entertainment prostrated a monster. The man was so frightened by a ghost that he jumped out of the train (cab) and tore the “enemy” in pieces. Due to the attack the monster was completely destroyed so that the owner has claimed for compensation.P1000511

Another good news is that until the last day of the festival all lost items were found and ‘d been returned to the major Police Station. The bad news is for the beer garden and tent owners that they will never get back the stolen beer jars since hunting them has become a national sport, people take them as a souvenir. But considering that that one beer costs 10,50 Euros I don’t think that it is a crime! The successful hunters pilfered 112 000 “Maß” jars (1 liter last year only 81 000 were missing or stolen)



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