Quark dumplings in Port wine plum soup

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Szilvás túrógombócIn Hungary, dumplings are called gombóc. Sweet varieties are made with flour and potato dough, which is wrapped around whole plums or apricots, and then boiled and rolled in hot buttered bread crumbs. Other interesting versions are the cottage cheese dumplings. After a soup they make a lunch or dinner complete!

Ingredients for the quark dumplings: 1 lemon, 500 gr quark, 150 gr sugar, 2 eggs, 3 l water for cooking, 80 gr butter, 4 tbsp of semolina, 150 gr flour (9 tbsp or semolina), 4 tbsp of ising sugar, 700 gr plums, salt and flour

Methods:Wash the lemon, wipe it dry, grate the zest about half of. Place cottage cheese in a gauze or drain through a sieve (until liquid has been released circa 15 minutes). Wash the plums, put them dry, then make a carve on one side and remove the pit. Put in all plums a nub of sugar. Place the cottage…

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