At the “Le Premier comptoir’s” in Bruxelles

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Miló 1 éves 242The Belgian gastronomy is very famous and exceeds the stereotype of mussels-chips. Brussels contains in its center famous establishments prizewinning by the greatest guides. Follow Brussels life in the middle of the gastronomy of Brussels in order to turn the gourmets towards the best tables!

Three masters chefs, spangled Michelin, share the top of the Belgium gastronomy with 2 stars. The Comme chez soi, intimate and elegant brasserie based in 1926, which Pierre Wynants raised to the rank of famous restaurant worldwide. Lionel Rigolet is nowadays the king of the sloves. In the green haven of the Forêt de Soignes, the Chalet de la Forêt is also in the spotlight. Finally, the prestigious Sea Grill situated in the Radisson Hotel, with the chef Yves Mattagne as virtuoso, putting the seafood under the spotlights.

On the Brussels newcomers side, entering the spangled ones of the Guide Rouge: Va Doux Vent raises proudly its first star, thus uniting Le Passage, le Jaola, Senza Nome, San Daniele,  Alexandre, Bon-Bon, La Paix, Kamo et la Truffe Noire that keep their rewards. Just behind the Basilica, another one star resturant, Bruneau brings maybe a more creative and contemporary touch, both in his place and in the plates.

La Villa Lorraine got the Michelin star in 2013.

The unassailables!

They are maybe not spangled but they shine in the Brussels gastronomy: the unassailables! When the mystery meets the gastronomy, it is in Cospaia, a new style restaurant & bar in the international speed that will titilate your taste buds. Cospaia can be easily classified in the list of the renowned restaurants like Costes in Paris, Bank in London and Arts in Barcelona. Antoine Pinto’s passion is creating spaces of evasion offering a gastronomic journey through Belgium, is the basic ingredient of la brasserie Belga Queen. A brasserie where during a business dinner, between friends or in family, all your senses are awaked.

It’s the authentic Quincaillerie Art nouveau of the beginning of the XXth century which was transformed into a brasserie renowned in the elegant district of Ixelles, which welcomes you at its table to sample a rich and sophisticated cooking. One day would you probably meet Alain Delon, Gérard Depardieu or Michel Lebb in this place.

Finally, a true Brussels institution just a step from the Bois de la cambre, the Les Brasseries Georges are well-known for their seafoods, but consider that their whole cooking (the duck breast, the lamb) is excellent. And their terrace is very appreciated during beautiful days.

Le Premier Comptoir Thai

And finally, where did I/we eat? In a Thai restaurant, called Le Premier Comptoir Thai (First Thai bar), located in the heart of Brussels (chaussée Charleroi). I heard of it a lot when I worked for the EU Parliament and according to the rumor it was told that an ex-Thai beauty queen had opened. I was in the neighborhood with my hubby and an other couple so we decided to give a try! And it was a good decision because it was the best quality Thai cuisine ever. We have been to a lot of Thai places all around the world (in NYC as well) but there the service, and the food was absolutely gorgeous! The spot was cozy, the location was great with great service. Food was served beautifully. Our friends got Panang curry, cashew chicken, fried rice with shrimp and spring rolls between the four of us. We ate: Kiow nam-Soup comme dans la rue-Thai soup with rice rolls filled with scampi, and Tom ka kai-chicken with lemongras and coconut sauce, and my hubby ate the Panang neua: beef with red curry coconut sauce and we all really enjoyed our meals. We would/will definitely come back.Miló 1 éves 247Miló 1 éves 246





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