Italians would say thanks

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Partnachklamm-Partenkirchen 019Pasta with courgette, mushroom and aubergine

Ingredients: 1 big aubergine, 1 courgette, 250 gr champignon, salt to sprinkle on aubergine, olive oil+ 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, 4 garlic cloves, 2 small dried red chilies, crumbled, 1 cup black olives (optional), stoned and chopped, 300 g large fresh tomatoes, skinned and chopped, 2 tablespoons tomato purée, 2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning or 1 sprig fresh oregano, or 2 tablespoons fresh basil leaves, salt & freshly ground black pepper

250 g pasta, fresh basil, grated parmesan cheese, green or red pesto Bertolli

Directions: Cut aubergine into cubes and sprinkle with salt. Drain and pat dry after 15-20 minutes. Cut courgette. Peel mushrooms and cut into half.

Heat oil for frying aubergine, courgette and mushrooms, in a frying pan and shallow fry till golden brown Drain and set aside. Heat virgin olive oil in a pan, add garlics, chili flakes or chilies and cook for a minute or till garlic just begins to turn color. Mix in olives, tomatoes, purée and dried seasoning or fresh herbs. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Cover pan and cook sauce on low heat for 30-35 minutes or till tomatoes are cooked through and sauce has thickened. Add fried aubergine cubes and courgette and remove from heat.

Cook pasta according to packet instructions. Drain and add pasta to sauce. Add basil leaves and toss pasta in sauce till well coated. Add 1 tablespoon pesto or ketchup to taste. Serve immediately with grated Parmesan on the side.



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