Rosehip and medlar-loquat cream with whipped soya cream

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Last autumn I could manage to collect rosehips, petals and berries from the beach bushes and I’d already made some juices and jams. But yesterday I found out that my medlars became ripe enough to do something with them as well. I recalled my childhood memory about my grandma’s rosehip and medlar nectar and mousse so I gave a try to the next recipe which turn out a big hit. (Ripe medlars are taken from the tree and spread on some type of absorptive material such as straw, sawdust, or bran, somewhere cool, and allowed to ripen for several weeks. The fruits are also commonly used to make jam, jelly, and chutney, and are often served poached in light syrup. Firm, slightly immature fruits are best for making pies or tarts. The fruit is sometimes canned. The waste ratio, however, is 30 percent or more, due to the seed size.)

Ingredients: 500 grams of rosehip…

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