Butter cookies St Michel with cheese cream and raspberry coulis (cheesecake shooter)

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biscuit au beurreVery simple very delicious this cheese cake shooter! Enjoy!

Ingredients: 250 g of butter. – 300 g of fresh cheese. – The whipped cream. – From grout to the taste of your choice. (eggs in the plan from the beginning is to look pretty)!

Preparations: 1. Put the butter cookies St Michel in a plastic bag. Crash them with a rolling pin. 2. Once the cookies well crushed, melt the butter. 3. Place the crushed cookies in mold forms. Add melted butter and stir to obtain a uniform paste. 4. Put the biscuit into small molds cake (molds cupcakes will do). 5. Let stand for 30 minutes to cool. 6. In another bowl, mix cream cheese with whipped cream, added generously. 7. Remove the dough from the refrigerator. 8. Top each dough cheesecake you had. Pour the raspberry coulis. You can also add caramel chips if desired.


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