Witch jump above the fire in Donaueschingen

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The number of Fastnacht events again is noticeably increasing everywhere by the 40th day after Christmas, the Candlemas on February 2. On this day, in Germany it is common to do the Maschgern (Oberschwaben), the Strählen (Villingen), the Schnurren (Schwarzwald), the Welschen (Schömberg), the Hecheln (Oberndorf) or the Aufsagen the latter word means that the jesters-fools choose the most remarkable incidents of the last year to retell them to the people in an entertaining way.

Donaueschingen where witches rule the carnival

At the Black Forest area in DonaueschingenBelgium Schwarzwald 197 (Baden-Württemberg area in Germany near the Black forest) rich offering means culture lovers will be in their element. You can visit the Princely Fürstenberg Collections, the Museum Art. Plus and the Carnival Museum or explore Fürstenberg Palace on a tour (fixed visiting hours). The brand new Children and Youth Museum, which opened in 2012, offers spaces for learning and experience, while beer lovers wishing to be initiated into the mysteries of the brewer’s art will adore a tour of the Fürstenberg Brewery. Further attractions including the blue town hall with the musician’s fountain and the St. John’s Church in the Bohemian baroque style can be visited independently or on an experience tour. The residential city also offers a wide range of leisure facilities including a network of cross country trails and a curling rink in winter, an 18- and 9-hole golf course and a bathing lake with a camp site. The more athletically inclined will find a well signposted network of hiking and cycle trails and can also set out on the famous Danube Cycle Trail from the town.

Above of all Donaueschingen’s central location makes it perfect for numerous, impressive day trips to Switzerland, Lake Constance and France. Cosy guesthouses and comfortable premium-class hotels offer superb facilities. The town also boasts numerous attractive restaurants and relaxing cafés serving delicious fare. Upon arrival you will receive the Konus Guest Card, which you can use to travel free of charge on buses and trains throughout the Black Forest area.Hexensprun

It is worth to visit the city at carnival time because of the highlight, -after the fools parade is- the witch jumping above the bonfire. This happens by that on Fat Tuesday meanwhile people are enjoying themselves in historical costumes and in wooden masks, marching, singing and swaying, after the carnival procession, witches appear on the balconies of the historical buildings and throw sausages and bread to the crowd. At the same time when the “fools” arrive at the front of the city hall, a huge bonfire has been lit and begins the major attraction: the witches jumping. They have to jump over the fire with a broomstick in their hands. After the great entertainment a ceremonial burning of the huge straw witch occurs (they bury the winter symbolically). With that the official part of the carnival comes to an end so that people try to reach the taverns, pubs and beer houses in which the waiters serve the costumers in witch costumes.

In Donaueschingen there are plenty of nice restaurants and coffee houses. The most expensive one is the Öschenberg and the best artisanal beer house is the Gaststatte Schlössle where you can order the best local beer the Fürstenberg. However we went to the Hexenweiher’s-the Witch pond’s and we did not regret it since the Italian chef-the striga prepared us really delicious dishes!poivron-farci-au-four





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