Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Buda castle

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P1070910I spent 5 wonderful days in Budapest, in Hungary, full with many exciting programs, events, however they were shadowed by Jamie’s Italian restaurant! Why? Here is the story: When I discovered that Jamie’s Italian restaurant was nearby I decided to try it one night. I heard from the hotel receptionist that he has just opened it in the Buda Castle recently and since it has been always full. He also suggested to make a reservation. I forgot it but you will see it was not at all necessary. The Jamie’s Italian’s features were fantastic, the dishes on the pictures seemed rustic, the location was perfect(with a view to the Matthias Church)! Thus the first impression was very positive. Wait! When we entered we bumped into two waiters who were just doing nothing, blocked the entrance and scored the passer by girls from one to ten! What can I say? Typical Hungarian machoism?! We just laughed at them. But when we asked whether there were free table they sent us further to the hostess girls. I had the feeling that they didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. So we went to the inquiry desk and repeated that we would like to dine here. The girl raised one of her eye brow and told us that it would be difficult. We were wondering why because when we looked around it seemed that the restaurant was empty. After a while she offered a place outside but we didn’t accept it since it was 37 grades scorching hot outside and thanks to the air condition inside was much more pleasant. Then without any word she led us to a small table. We sat down and took a look at the interieur. The restaurant was beautifully designed, but as I have told you it was empty. So we had the idea that it was just gimmicky saying that it was full! Whatever! We got the menu card and we started to browsing what to eat and drink. And we had plenty of time to study the cards even by heart because nobody disturbed us for half an hour or longer, however we saw 12 waiters/waitresses having fun, laughing, walking around cheerfully in not far distance not doing their jobs. We had the feeling that they did not want to do their duties in such a beautiful day, since they even didn’t approach us. By the time being I felt like if I didn’t get food I would starve so I hailed one waiter and thanks God he noticed it, because he stepped toward our table and asked what we wanted. I ordered a salmon salad with horseradish cream and my hubby a vegetarian nibble (Italian antipasti) After 20 minutes or so we received our requested appetizer. At the first glance however they looked good but the portions were really small. When we “attacked” our food we felt the same: how did Jamie dare to produce such tasteless dishes in Hungary? In the kingdom of FLAVOR! The horse radish cream was flavorless, the salmon was just fine but surrounded with two tiny taco chips! Come on salmon and taco chips together? They did not match at all…As a salad we got grated carrots and radish! Without any dip or other flavor enhancer such as salt and pepper at least, they were raw! We lost our appetite, drank a half liter of sparkling water and asked the bill. We paid 30 euros! What was funny: they charged us 3 euros for the service! My message to Jamie: I am sure when the novelty will be over about your Italian restaurant you will lose the Hungarian costumers!



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