Gerbeaud ice cream in Budapest

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Mézeskré travelogue in Hungary

As I’ve mentioned in my last blog I spent five scorching hot day in Budapest! In this blog I cherish further my “sweet memories”!

It began with the Café Gerbeaud since the confectionery is a myth! It is situated at Vörösmarty tér/square, number 7, in Budapest, (the capital of Hungary), and no exaggeration but it is one of the greatest and most traditional coffee houses in Europe. It was named after the great confectionery Emil Gerbeaud. The splendid café reminded me Sisi, the empetrisse of Austria! Because for the interior design Emil Gerbeaud took advice from Henrik Darilek (was an interior designer) who mainly used marble, exotic woods and bronze. The ceiling’s stucco was created in the Rococo style of Louis XIV of France in 1910. The chandeliers were inspired by Maria Theresa of Austria. In that time the guests were offered as French tables as well as secessionist ones which Gerbeaud had delivered from the world fair in Paris. But World War I was felt but the company survived even that. Gerbeaud died the 8th of November, in 1919, and willed the store to his wife Ester who headed it until 1940. The shop retained the name “Gerbeaud” ever since (except the period between 1950 and March, 1984, when it was renamed “Vörösmarty”). In 1995, German businessman Erwin Franz Müller bought the confectionery and had it renovated extensively. The traces of the last 50 years have thus disappeared, and today the Café shines in the style as built by Emil Gerbeaud. Today still, it shines in Gründerzeit style with its stucco, the grand chandeliers, the paneling made of exotic woods and its furniture. In 2009 Café Gerbeaud opened its second confectionery in Tokyo, Japan.

So to cut my visit short we stopped here for a look as it was on a lovely square which a small market with lots of handicraft stalls. We decided to have an ice cream confection to share, having seen some amazing things being served (Gerbeaud adverts itself that everything is homemade, ice-creams are made exclusively from fresh ingredients: milk, cream, sugar and eggs–according the traditional cooking and pasteurization process. The ice-creams don’t contain any artificial colorings or additives. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, such as Valrhona cocoa powder, hazelnut praline, fresh-brewed coffee, Ceylon cinnamon, and Bourbon vanilla. The ice-creams with fruits were prepared from fresh fruit and fruit pure).

So we sat outside as the weather was lovely and I have to admit everything was super delicious but had a bit of a shock when the bill came as it came to £13, got my sums wrong. But was almost worth it. Worth a look.

The best in Budapest: ice creams and cakes from an other world

Since we had our accommodation in Buda hill it was almost obligatory to pop in to the patisserie “Ruszwurm” which is the oldest cake/ pastry shops in Budapest. It was founded by Franz Schwabl in 1827. It is located close to the Fisherman Bastion and offers Coffee and Cake/Sweets for a good price.

It’s better to visit early morning or late afternoon -because outside there were less than 10 table and also inside it was very small. However even if you pass at crowed time – it is worth to go inside and has a look to the “old” furniture. The biedermeier interior still includes the cherry wooden counter and the dial plate of the clock of the era of emperor Franz Joseph! Nowadays it is the one of the most popular sight of Budapest, since the house and the interieur are protected monuments.

In the Ruszwurm there were wide variety-selections of cakes to choose from – all of which we tried were divine! They were all home made in order to preserving the traditions. (If you don’t feel like eating sweets they have many savory snacks as well). I can just say this place is highly recommended. After leaving the Ruszwurm my hubby told me we should forget the old axiom, “location, location, location”. This place would succeed anywhere. From savory to sweet, it’s offerings were excellent and the price was normal.

On the other day we tried the Gelateria number 7. It was just next to the Ruszwurm! All we had was the gelatos at the little stand outside the restaurant, but OMG the richest chocolate with chunks of dark chocolate in it, the coffee gelato was the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a LOT all over. The only sad thing was the server, not a smile, not a grin, not a facial expression other than an uninterested, apathetic nothing.

Thanks to a friend I got the recipe of my fav ice cream sort and I prepared it yesterday! Since I don’t have ice cream maker I’d just put in a blender but I succeeded! The gerbeaud ice cream attempt was jolly good! With the apricot jam and the walnut they just meant together!

Gerbeaud ice cream

What I ate was made with: 2 scoops walnut sponge, 1 scoop chocolate ice-cream, 1 scoop walnut ice-cream, apricot foam, chocolate sauce, apricot sauce, crispy walnut linzer, whipped cream, mini Gerbeaud slice. What I made at home was the next!

Ingredients: 250 ml milk, 500 ml cream, 5 egg yolks, 120 gr sugar, 3 tbsp Amaretto liqueur or snaps, 8 tbsp apricot jam, 80 g ground walnut, 100 ml water, 50 ml milk, 4 tbsp excellent Dutch cacao powder, 4 tbsp sugar

Directions: Pour milk into a pot and bring it to a boil. Put aside and let it cool a bit.

Meanwhile mix well the five egg yolks with the sugar. Stir egg yolk mixture to boiled milk and let it cook until it reaches a creamy texture (be careful don’t let it burned). Put aside. Pour cream into a bowl, flavor with the Amaretto, add 8 tablespoons of apricot jam and roughly crashed walnut. Mix all the ingredients well together!

Add cream mixture to milk mixture and pour into an ice cream maker machine or just place into the fridge in a bowl and let it frozen overnight!

On the next day melt fondant chocolate, flavor with Amaretto or other sort of liqueur and spoonP1080145 over ice cream!




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