Pistachio-marzipan rose petal cake in the Rose Island

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Today I’ve made again my 100 kms bike tour around the Lake Starnberg but at this time after leaving behind the village Tutzing I stopped at the Feldafing park. I let my bike to “rest” and just for change I went to the Rose Island by a special, historical boat. When we got out, we found ourselves in a charming island. What I’ve learned of it was the next: The Rose island in Lake Starnberg (Germany, Bavaria) is the only island in the lake and site of a royal villa of King Ludwig II of Bavaria which had been commissioned by his father. He was particularly attached to this place and made frequent renovations of the small garden and the villa, which is called Casino. Guests on the island were the composer Richard Wagner, his close friend Prince Paul of Thurn and Taxis, Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Czarina Maria Alexandrovna of Russia. The villa is today a small museum, open to the general public.

More details of the Rose island
In 1853 King Maximilian II of Bavaria commissioned Peter Joseph Lenné to design a landscape park on the west shore of the Starnberger See. The park, which combines decorative formal and natural landscape elements, was laid out by Carl von Effner. The palace commenced much later in 1863 was abandoned on the early death of the king in March 1864 (blood poisoning). Rose Island with its small island villa, the “Casino”, and a rose garden also designed by Lenné, became one of the favorite places of Maximilian’s son Ludwig II.
Feldafing Park-Rose blossom
Usually the first blossom begins around mid-June, the second around mid-August, each lasting for about 4 weeks. Depending on the climate the roses may bloom (even weeks) earlier or later.

Monument under water
The remains of prehistoric pile dwellings on the bottom of Lake Starnberg by Rose Island have been included on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list.
In June 2011, over 100 selected archaeological sites in several countries were declared cultural heritage under the heading of “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps”. They provide researchers with unique insights into the ancient world of farming, everyday life, agriculture, animal breeding and technical innovations. The pile dwelling sites in Lake Starnberg, together with other remains of settlements, represent an archaeological heritage which dates back to 5000 BC.
Of course in Germany you are obliged to eat a cake and drink coffee in the afternoon. Since I love desserts I couldn’t resist to eat a piece of pistachio-marzipan rose petal cake! It was delicious! But I ate it when I returned from the Rose island since over there is not allowed to eat or drink.(You can organize parties, receptions or wedding ceremonies in the Casino’s basement)
The Lake Starnberg is located in southern Bavaria 25 kilometres (16 mi) southwest of Munich, Lake Starnberg is a popular recreation area for the city and, since 1976, one of the wetlands of international importance protected by the Ramsar Convention. The small town of Berg is famous as the site where King Ludwig II of Bavaria was found dead in the lake in 1886. Because of its associations with the Wittelsbach royal family, the lake is also known as Fürstensee (Prince’s Lake). It is also mentioned in T. S. Eliot’s poem The Waste Land P1080732


2 thoughts on “Pistachio-marzipan rose petal cake in the Rose Island

    Bonnie Brady said:
    August 28, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you so much for translating on Rose Island for us. We really appreciated your kindness. This posting was great. My girls loved it. We look forward to reading more of your travels!

      spajzgirl responded:
      August 28, 2016 at 3:48 pm

      Hello dear Bonnie,
      thank you very much for stopping by! I will certainly check your blog as well!
      Yesterday I wanted to help more but I didn’t want to disturb the guide! Sorry…I hope you enjoyed your excursion yesterday!
      It would be nice to meet somewhere and share our experiences about Bavaria or Germany!
      I will send a message to your mail
      till have a nice evening with your charming girl!

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