October, beer festival in Belgium with the pointy nose, hop hat troll

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I got an invitation from a Belgian family member to participate in a beer fest in Mechelen. She sent me a poster of the event and I saw a cute, lovely creature which immediately captured my attention. It was the logo of the festival’s a little troll with a pointy nose who’s wearing a green hop hat made by Alain Poncelet, a well-known Belgian artist. I figured out later that the Cuvée des Trolls is a beer brewed at the Dubuisson Brewery in Pipaix, in Belgium. After google-ing about I have learned that that is a lager beer, filtered or unfiltered, refreshing and scented, with a fuller taste and well balanced, and contains 7% alcohol by volume.The beer is brewed from sweet must to which hops and dried orange peels are added. This is a beer fermentation (a temperature of fermentation of 23 °C during one week). The beer brewed by Brasse-Temps is not filtered and just decanted, so there is still some yeast. It tastes better served at 3 °C. In Belgium it is available in bottle or in keg.

The story of the Trolls beer
Cuvée des Trolls has been brewed from September 2000 by the micro-brewery Brasse-Temps, created by the Dubuisson Brewery in Louvain-la-Neuve. The success was immediate in this student city and then the Dubuisson Brewery launch the beer in Wallonia, then in Brussels and finally in the Flemish Region and abroad. In 2003, another le Brasse-Temps was created in Mons and in 2005 the production reached 5000 hectoliters.
But originally the brewery Dubuisson was founded in 1769 by Joseph Leroy as farmhouse brewery near Pipaix in Belgium which means it is the oldest and most traditional brewery in the Walloon region. In 1931 the Dubuisson brothers, Alfred and Amédée Leroy’s descendants decided to turn the operation into a commercial brewery. First the Cuvée des Trolls were born, which is an unfiltered blonde beer with a natural cloud. The beer is made using only yeast, malt, hops, sugar and water. Its rich and complex palette offers aromas ranging from fresh white and yellow fruits with impressions of citrus to touches of honey. There is a very important fact that from the very outset and up to the present, the brewery Dubuisson has remained a 100% independent brewery, making entirely natural beers with no chemical additives.
The other type of beer of the brewery Dubuisson is the Bush Blonde, which is a strong beer with an alcohol content of 10.5%. This is a beer which is well-balanced on the palate, with a fine sprinkling of hops and very low acidity. It is only slightly bitter and gives off subtle, delicately perfumed aromas, also offering exceptional digestibility. Bush Blonde Triple is Bush Blonde refermented in 75 cl bottles and this refermentation strengthens the aromas of Bush Blonde, accentuating the nose and the rich taste which were already there.
Bush Blonde is also highly suitable for use in cooking. Because it is only very slightly bitter, it can be used to deglaze cooking juices, or as a stock to keep meat or fish dishes moist while they are cooking. Here are some recipe suggestions cooking with beers

Cooking with the blond beer
Starters suggestions: Egg-based dishes (quiches, omelettes, etc.), Fine vegetables in sauce (Flemish-style asparagus, artichokes mousseline, etc.), Shellfish, seafood and fish in sauce (scallops, lobsters, sole, turbot, etc.), Chaud-froid salads with white meat or poultry (Caesar salad)
Fish / Seafood, Crabs, lobsters, rock lobster in white sauces or au gratin, Fish in white sauces
Meat / Poultry, Simple poultry in stock or in sauce (Ghent-style waterzooi, chicken with tarragon.), Herb-based white meat dishes (salti in bocca with sage, Provençal herbs.). Braised white meat (blanquettes, fricassees, etc.), Grilled or barbecued meat, Chicory au gratin, stoemp with chicory, Southern-flavoured cooking: Provence, Italy (Pizzas, pasta with pesto, etc.)
Desserts / Cheeses, Creamy cheeses (Camembert, Brie, etc.), Cooked hard cheeses (Comté, etc.),Savoyard fondue, used instead of white wine

Cooking with the dark beer
Starters: Beer soup, farmhouse soups (garbure, etc.)Poultry, meat or game foie gras pâtés, Offal-based starters (kidneys and lardon salad, etc.).
Fish/Seafood, Oily fish in a rich sauce, which can be livened up with Bush (monkfish bourride),Eels (matelote with Bush)
Meat/Poultry, Braised red meats, or in sauce (carbonnades, cutlet with shallot, etc.),Roast beef, lamb, Powerful poultry (magret or confit of duck, goose, etc.)Ground or feathered game (hare, doe, venison/pheasant, partridge, etc.)Offal in sauce (beef or calf’s liver, calf’s or beef kidneys, calf’s sweetbreads, calf’s tongue, ox tongue)
Desserts / Cheeses, Dark chocolate-based dishes (fondant with dark chocolate, chocolate pudding, pralines with strong ganache), Pralines or caramel, Coffee sorbet, Cheeses with powerful flavours: Blue cheeses (Gorgonzola, Fourme d’Ambert, Roquefort), strong cheeses (Herve, Maroilles, Boulette d’Avesnes)
Brebis d’Acremont cheese.


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