Rich banana and passionate smoothie with chocolate sauce

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For the cream: 4 big ripe Bananas, peeled, 2 passionate fruits, 75 g sugar, lemon juice, 100 g Mascarpone, 100 ml whipped cream
For the cream: 25 g icing sugar, 300 g whipped cream, 1 vanilla stock
For the choco sauce: 300 ml milk, 90 g Butter, 400 g black or fondant chocolate (60% cacaos) chopped, 4-6grenn cardamom seeds
For the garnishing: 1 big peeled banana, 2 passionate fruits, roughly chopped pistachio

Directions for the cream
1.Half the passionate fruits and spoon out the seeds.
2.Peel the bananas, break them with a fork and place into a bowl. Add passionate fruit juice with seeds to bananas. Flavor with sugar and lemon juice. Add the fruit mixture to Mascarpone and mix well with a mixer.
3.Whip the cream until stiff. Fold it carefully into bananas mixture.

For the cream
1.Pour cream into a bowl, add icing sugar and vanilla flesh. Whip cream until stiff but don’t whip until cream becomes butter.

For the choco sauce
1.Pour milk into a pan, add cardamom seeds and butter plus the chocolate. Cook on medium temperature until chocolate dilutes then wait until it turns into a thick sauce.
2.For the decoration half the passion fruit, spoon out the seeds and the juice and put into a bowl. Add the finely puréed banana to it.

3.Divide the Mascarpone-banana cream mixture into four ice cream glasses. Pour chocolate cream over the bananas mixture and finely add the whipped cream.
4.Garnish smoothie with chocolate sauce and one tablespoon of cream and decorate with chopped pistachios.


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