The joys of sweets in a Japanese café in München

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P1090459.JPGMany years back I saw a humorous Japanese movie, the Tampopo. The very loving story was about trucker Goro, who rides into town like a modern Shane to help  a woman, called Tampopo, (means Dandelion) to set up the perfect noodle soup restaurant in the town. He escorts the woman restaurant by restaurant in order to reveal together the secret of the best home-made noodle soup! Woven into this main story there were number of smaller stories talked about the importance and joys of food, ranging from a gangster who mixed hot sex with food, to an old woman who terrorized a shopkeeper by compulsively squeezing his wares, or a rich, old guy who always put the body parts of the turtles into the noodle soup in order to reach the perfection of soup making.

Café Tanpopo

Thus on one day when I was in the down town of München/Germany, I discovered a small Japanese bakery and café just by chance and it was called Tanpopo! Because of the nice memories of the above mentioned film I decided to pop in. And I got what I wanted!

It was a small, cosy café in a quiet street off the Maillinger Stasse, near the train station. The owner (later on I learned that her name was Kanako Okada and not Tampopo) was a friendly and charming, Japanese lady with a Bavarian “Meister” diploma to bake sweets.

I ducked in quickly for some coffee and cake to go. I bought a green tea cake (it was so fluffy and soft (I highly recommended trying it out to my Japanese friends). Then I asked a cheese cake with mandarin. It was the best I have ever tasted. Next day I returned to the café again to have some breakfast and I tried the croissants. One bite of the crunchy-outside-and soft-inside almond croissant was enough to realize that it was incredible fresh (not to mention the very polite service). I am still floating in taste-heaven from the almond one I had on it. After tasting it I had to buy another one to go! (She also offered  some jam with). I will certainly go back next week as this almond craving will stay for a while I am sure! Beside of the croissants her green tea matcha cakes, and ice creams are also divine (see on the above picture)!

The owner – Kanako Okada-gives baking courses as well.




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