Christmas menus from simple to sophisticated

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December 24- Christmas Day

Appetizer: goose and duck liver paté, on brioche bites, with kiwi fruit and watercress
Main course: German, cabbage fish soup, cheese scones
Dessert: Mirabelle jam dumplings with white chocolate cream and marzipan

December 25 – First day of Christmas-Boxing day
Appetizer: Boursin cheese snacks, on toast cubes, with cherry tomatoes
Main course: French duck with orange, and with croquettes
Dessert: baked Alaska ice cream cake

December 26-Second Day of Christmas
Appetizer: Salad Lyonnaise with smoked bacon stripes
Main course: celery Cordon bleue, with rice
Dessert: Angel cake

December 27

Appetizer: endive salad with strawberries and with balsamic vingegar
Main course: chicken with lemon wedges and Limoncello, with princess potatoes
Dessert: chocolate mousse

December 28
Appetizer: endive soup, with red and yellow beetroot chips
Main course: French potato salad with panko fried chicken
Dessert: elderberry-curd pannacotta

Deer with rosemary

December 29

Main course: Roasted deer with dumplings and cranberry jam

Dessert: Pistachio creamy apple

December 30

Main course: Stuffed cabbage with smoked paprika
Dessert: Apple cake with caramel ice cream

December 31 New Year Eve
Appetizer: Red lentil salad, with fried lupin burgers

Main course: Sausage, black pudding with potatoes & celery and turnip puree
Dessert: White chocolate foam, citrus-flavored sponge cake

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