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Oven baked pancakes with Bouquet des Moines cheese and vegetables

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For the pancakes: 2 eggs, 150 ml milk, 100 g flour, 3 tbsp butter, salt, 100 ml water, butter for frying

For the filling: 4 tbsp butter, 400 g Bouquet des Moines, white cheese, 225 g slices of finely chopped bacon, 4 eggs, 4 Jerusalem artichocke, 1/4 celeriac, 1/4 pumpkin, a few sprigs of thyme, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper

Make the pancake

Mix the eggs with the milk and flour. Add the melted butter, water and little salt and stir until a firm batter.

Bake the pancakes in a hot pan with butter. Turn them over after about 30 seconds and bake for another 10 seconds.

Collect them on a large plate. With this batter you make about 10 pancakes.

Make the filling

Peel and cut the celeriac and pumpkin into small cubes. Wash the Jerusalem artichoke thoroughly and cut into thin slices.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, place the cubes and slices of vegetables on the baking sheet and sprinkle them with salt & pepper and a little olive oil. Place under the grill of the oven and cook for about 8 minutes.

Take the grilled vegetables out of the oven.

Let the oven heat to 180°C – hot air.

Place the pancakes on a baking sheet and spread them with a little melted butter.

In the middle of each pancake, place about 40 g of the cheese. On top you put a slice of bacon and 1 spoonful of the grilled vegetables. Add some more cheese and fold the sides of the pancake to the middle but keep an opening in the middle.

Brush some extra butter on the sides of the pancake and break an egg into the opening of the pancake each time.

Place carefully in the oven and bake for about 10 to 12 minutes until the cheese has melted and the egg white is sufficiently cooked.

Take out of the oven and zip the thyme leaves over the whole. Serve immediately.

Peanut butter pie

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I made this several times during the first few months of lockdown, and now it’s my new favorite pie recipe. And the filling is like the perfect balance between creme brûlée and gooey butter cake.” 


  • 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened or greek joghurt
  • 3/4 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 6 tablespoons whole milk or coconut milk
  • 1 carton (8 ounces) frozen whipped topping, thawed
  • 1 graham cracker crust (9 inches) or oreo biscuit
  • 1/4 cup chopped peanuts

Direction: In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy. Beat in sugar and peanut butter. Gradually add milk. Fold in whipped topping; spoon into the crust. Sprinkle with peanuts. Chill overnight.

Vegan lentil dish with curry

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Ingredients: 1 onion, 1 clove garlic, fresh ginger, 2 carrots, 1 tsp oil, 0.5 tsp curry paste, 300 gr beluga lentils, 1 tinned tomato, 1 tinned coconut milk, 1 big sweet potato, 250 gr spinach, 15 gr coriander, 1 limette, salt, 500 ml vegetable soup

Directions: Peel and dice the onion, garlic and ginger. Peel the carrots and cut into slices. Heat the oil in a saucepan. Fry onion, garlic, ginger and carrots for 1-2 minutes. Add curry paste, sauté briefly, add lentils.

Deglaze with tomatoes, coconut milk and about 200 ml vegetable broth, boil and simmer for about 30 minutes. Stir from time to time, gradually pour in the remaining broth.

Peel the sweet potato, dice and add to the broth. Cook it about 10 minutes. Add the spinach about 10 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

Wash coriander, pat dry, pluck off leaves and chop coarsely. Squeeze the lime. Season the curry soup with salt and lime juice, serve dish with chopped coriander and roasted pumpkin’s seeds.

Parsnip panna cotta

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Be creative and make panna cotta from parsnip. Finish with mushrooms and Gandaham for a delicious surprising dessert for the holidays.

Ingredient: 2 parsnips, 400 ml cream (min. 30% fat), 1 teaspoon Provençaalse herbs, peppper and salt

For finishing: 2 slices Gandaham, some forest mushrooms, 2 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper


Peel the parsnips and cook them in the cream over a low heat.

With a blender make it smoothly and season with salt, pepper and Provencal herbs.

Pour the mixture into several glasses and let it set in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

For finishing

Bake the ham crispy by placing it in the microwave for 60 seconds on a plate between 2 sheets of paper towels.

Finish the panna cotta with the crispy ham.

For the veggie version

Fry the forest mushrooms briefly in the pan with some olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Finish the panna cotta with the fried forest mushrooms.

Tataki with red beetroot

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The festive season is coming soon, so that here it is a super recipe

By frying the meat briefly, it remains nice and soft and tender. The dish is served with a beetroot cream making for a delicious, festive appetizer.

Ingredients: 200 g steak, 1 pre-cooked beetroot, 2 tbsp beetroot shoots, 2 tbsp yoghurt

1 tbsp za’atar, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper

Za’atar is a culinary herb or family of herbs. It is also the name of a spice mixture that includes the herb along with toasted sesame seeds, dried sumac, often salt, as well as other spices. As a family of related Middle Eastern herbs, it contains plants from the oregano, basil thyme, and savory plants. The name za’atar alone most properly applies to Origanum syriacum, considered in biblical scholarship to be the hyssop of the Hebrew Bible. Used in Levantine cuisine, both the herb and spice mixture are popular throughout the Mediterranean region of the Middle East.


Remove the meat from the refrigerator.

Mix the beetroot with the yogurt and the za’atar, season to taste with salt and pepper.

Season the meat with salt and pepper and fryin a bit of olive oil briefly in the pan on both sides.

Afterwards, let the meat rest briefly under aluminum foil.

Cut the meat into fine strips. Spoon some beetroot cream on the plates and place the strips of beef on top. Finish with some dashes of beetroot.

Casserole with winter vegetables and crunchy veal chops

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Ingredients: 4 veal chops, 300 g kohlrabi, 300 g yellow turnips, 300 g white turnips, 300 g Jerusalem artichocke

300 g sweet potato, 1 fennel, 2 red onion, 1 clove garlic, 2 twig of fresh thyme, 2 twigs of rosemary, 2 tbsp of honey,

4 tbsp oil, salt and pepper to taste

For the crunch: 100 g mixed nuts, 5 g parsley, 60 g bread crumble, 1 teaspoon of mustard, 1 tbsp of butter in roomtemperature

Directions: 1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Clean the vegetables and cut into equal wedges of bite-sized size.

Take a baking dish and divide the vegetables over it.

Cut the garlic bulb in half and push it between the vegetables. Drizzle richly with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Push the fresh herbs in between. Roast the vegetables in the hot oven for 45 to 50 minutes until they are cooked.

2. Start by preparing the calf chops.

To do this, finely chop the mixed nuts and the parsley. Stir the mustard and butter into the herbs and breadcrumbs. Mix well.

Put a pan on the fire with 2 tbsp olive oil. Bake the veal chops crispy on both sides for 2 to 3 minutes.

Spoon some nut-parsley crumble on each cutle, arrange the chops in an ovenproof dish and cook further in the oven for 10 to 12 minutes.

Remove the vegetables from the oven, drip the honey over them and finish with fresh herbs. Serve the crunchy veal cutlet with it.