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The Vesuviella a Christmas dessert from Neaples

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The Vesuviella, together with the Konosfoglia, is an innovative cake proposed to celebrate the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. There is no historical or traditional anecdotes to tell about it, but just simply to say that it is a cake created and offered in the “Cuori di Sfogliatella” pastry shop in Corso Novara in Naples.

A few years ago, the entrepreneur-owner of the business, Antonio Ferreri, together with the president of the Movimento Neoborbonico, Gennaro De Crescenzo, and the president of the Fondazione Il Giglio, Marina Carrese, organised the presentation of these new desserts, which are nothing more than new types of sfogliatelle.

A novelty appreciated by the Neapolitans

Neapolitans are very loyal to tradition and don’t like to see their classic recipes distorted. However, the inventiveness of this Sfogliatella numero 2 has been widely appreciated. Together with the Gelato Konosfoglia, the novelty immediately struck a chord, also because it is not a substitute for the classic dessert, but an additional variant.

The dessert was created in any case in a popular pastry shop in Naples that gives value to the confectionery translations not only from Campania but also from Sicily.

The desserts dedicated to the Two Sicilies have been created taking into account the main values of Campanian and Sicilian confectionery. These desserts are exclusive to the Cuori di Sfogliatella pastry shop.

Konosfoglia versus Vesuviella

Before talking about Vesuvielle, let’s also say what Konosfoglia is, born together and sold hand in hand. The latter is the innovative ice cream was created at Cuori di Sfogliatella. The new cone is put in place of the classic curly sfogliatella wrapper, inside of which is the ice cream. This cone is basket-shaped and replaces the bucket.

These wrappers are filled according to what the bakery has available. The basic ingredient is ice cream made from pasteurised ricotta, cream, whole milk and natural cinnamon flavouring. To round off the treat, fruit sauces or natural extracts are added.

The inventiveness of the confectioner then poets the Konosfoglia to present itself with tasty decorations made of elements such as strawberries, chocolate chips, etc..

It should be remembered that this wrapper, together with the ice cream and sauces, are produced in the laboratory in an artisanal way. This is a concept that has gone straight to the heart of the consumer and is encapsulated in a single sheet of pastry, for so much flavour.

A dedication to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

This very special dessert, named Vesuviella because of its volcanic shape and in honour of the ‘King of Naples’ (i.e. Vesuvius), is a dedication to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. This is why there is also an offshoot of Sicilian tradition, i.e. sheep’s ricotta, typical of cannolo and cassata with cow’s ricotta used to make sfogliatella. It is no coincidence that the sauce is made as a tribute to Sicily, using another typical regional product, namely natural pistachio paste from Bronte.

he Vesuviella, emblem of the Bourbon world, is in fact presented in two unique versions, namely Orange Vesuviella and Pistachio Vesuviella. As for the ricotta cheese, 50% sheep’s milk ricotta and 50% cow’s milk ricotta are used for the mixture.

Mix of novelties and traditions

As for the Vesuvielle, it has very characteristic proportions as well as particular and at the same time simple ingredients. These include less semolina and more ricotta than in the classic recipe.

A new cake was created for the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, not the sfogliatella, because a new cake was needed to represent both Sicily and Campania. And the volcanic shape is in honour of the fact that the two regions are home to Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius respectively.

Vesuviella borbonica and Konosfoglia borbonico, it should be noted, belong to the CompraSud project of the Neoborbon Movement and the Fondazione Il Giglio.