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Sour cabbage roll with ham and cream cheese

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With Viki 010I got the recipe of this excellent, savoury starter from a Bavarian cheese maker: Susanne Hoffmann.

I met her first in the famous Viktualien market, in Münich (Germany) where she has a cheese shop and stall. About two years ago S. Hoffmann parents retired from their cheese business (In Bad Tölz /Bavaria) and passed over the farm to Susanne. After one year reviving the business she decided to take the plunge and withal she was busy with producing her own special cheeses the Romadur, she started to do a course for cheese lovers. So we met there (when I participated in one of her course) and meanwhile I had tasted tons of different kinds of cheeses I also became passionate about trying out her original, artisanal recipes,- of course in every one some sort of cheeses were added-.

Here you are one of my most favourite recipe: Sour cabbage cheese and ham balls

With Viki 009Ingredients: 120 gr camembert cheese or spicy cream cheese, 200 gr sour, cooked white cabbage (in wine or natur), 80 g good quality of speck-smoked ham, 1 small onion, 3 tbs butter, 3 tbs oil, 1 egg, 40 gr flour, salt and pepper


1. Chop the onion finely and cut the bacon into small cubes. Soaté the onion. 2. Put the bacon into a bowl, add soatéd onion and sour cabbage, cream cheese (camembert or more creamy), egg and the flour. Flavour with salt and pepper (but be carefull because the cheese and ham are already salty) Mix everything well. 3. Form small balls with your hands then fry them in a frying pan or friteur. Serve with white wine or beer.