Crème de Cassis

Papaya with Créme de Cassis and with vanilla ice cream

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This sweet is a Brazilian dessert. It was a culinary fad in Brazil in the mid-1990s, now its popularity has diminished somewhat in spite if that fact one of my best Brazilian friend offered this dessert last week. She told me that they usually prepare when they run out of time. So that was the case!

It consists of papaya blended with vanilla ice cream. Crème de Cassis is usually added, but a non-alcoholic blackcurrant syrup can be substituted. It is common to blend the papaya and ice cream, then put into serving dish and pour about an ounce of creme de cassis on the top.

Ingredients: 1 big ripe papaya

2 scoops vanilla ice-cream

2 tbsp Creme de Cassis

1 sprig of mint for decoration and vanilla pod

Direction: Peel papaya and remove seeds. Cut in small pieces. Put in blender with ice-cream and pour over Creme de Cassis. Blend well until smooth. Pour into a small bowl and decorate with mint. The mix of flavors and colors (orange papaya and purple liqueur)  as you can see are really beautiful! You can omit the alcohol and can replace with cassis syrup instead. You can also reduce the calories by using Light ice-cream. (other advantage of the papaya is it works against constipation). I decorated with fresh vanilla seeds scraped from the pod.

Actually I didn’t make turmix from the papaya but rather let the finelly cut pieces soak in the Cassis liqueur for a while and then I scooped over the ice cream. It was a really nice and light dessert.

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