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Hungarian layered potato

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The layered potato is called in French Pommes Parmentier which is 1 cm diced cubed potatoes fried in butter (bacon, onions garlic or herbs can be added) but see the distinguish Hungarian version below.

kukta 002Ingredients:

6 middle sized potatoes, 4 hard boiled eggs, 1 extra egg, 300 grams Hungarian sausage, sour cream (tejföl in Hungarian), chopped parsley, 1 tbs butter or oil 

Cook potatoes in their skin, then peel them and dice into one centimeter rind. Prepare hardboiled eggs. Get rid of the skins. Cut them into nice slices. Butter a fire-proof dish, arrange layers of potatoes, eggs, and the Hungarian sausage (sliced up). Mix sour cream and egg, stir them well together. Sprinkle the layers with the mixture, scatter with some grated cheese on the top (optional).

Hungarian Tejföl is similar to sour cream but its cooking properties are different from crème fraîche. The lighter sour creams sold in the U.S. I love it!