Fish restaurant at Ammerland

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Steckerl fish 071On Saturday I was with my hubby on a bike tour around the Lake Starnberg (Bavaria/ Germany) and when we reached Ammerland, we saw a farm shop on fishing. The farm garden looked so inviting that we spontaneously (and still unaware what to expect) opted for a snack stop. It was nomen est omen, because of the name of the store we had seen just later- but there was a fish farm with a buffet. Your food you could eat at the garden’s tables. So we bought the tastiest fish sandwiches far and wide! It was so cool fish on our table just right from the Lake Starnberg! The bread was crisp and the salmon was spread with herb butter and horseradish cream! Seeing the wide variety of fish salads and the gorgeous fish cakes with char we wanted to have a second round under the blossoming apple trees and we did it and enjoyed our food very much. (not only the sandwich was excellent but the smoked seafood is also recommended and the puff pastry filled with salmon and spinach)!Steckerl fish 060Salmon with horseradish cream

Finally I took a picture and learned the name of the fisher shop which was Matthias Sebald Fish shop. It was previously the old Hoffischer Beck (the King’s fishmonger, nor the King was elevated to the status). Over the years, everything had been expanded, now the fishes are absolutely top notch and freshly smoked. The smoke flavor is unique, the char juicy and tender. It’s absolutely worth to go for only tasting of the delicious fish here (and do some little walk after Ammerland)

Conclusion: Food and atmosphere were great at Matthias Sebald’s not to mention the service.Steckerl fish 056



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